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Terms and Conditions Portal Data Handling Rules

The manager of the Portal’s data (Data Manager) is Netneo Kft, 1174 Budapest Zsemlye Elemer Str 4/2.
Data handling registration number: NAIH-64983/2013.
The term portal covers all the systems that handle the data available on the site to which among others also the followoing belong:
  • the website and its backup system
  • the functions available after logging in the website
  • facebook appearances of
Data Manager contact:


Definition of Data handling:

The data handling happens based on the volunteer, informed and definite approval of the registered Users.


Legal basis of Data handling:

The relevant party’s voluntary approval based on the Law year 2011 CXII (Law Info) 5. paragraph (1) which details the protection of personal data and the publication of public data.


The data handled:

  1. Data entered by the visitors (non registered Users) during the usage of the Portal, for example telephone numbers, email address, description of work, registered professionals, rating of companies.
  2. Data entered by the registered Users as professionals or companies, among others (but not exclusively): mobile phone number, email address, postal address, headquarter address, photo, list of professions, area of work.
  3. Diary of User activity
  4. Data in connection with the payment process as (not exclusively): billing data, payment data.


Purpose of data handling:

The main purpose is that the employers and the employees like professionals or companies find eachother easily and based on exact information through the system. The retention of the data retained in the diary file during the usage of the Portal serves the purpose mainly to support the User in informing him about the events occurred in his absence.


Timing of data handling:

In case of data provided by the User, until the User is registered on the Portal, based on the voluntary will of the User we delete his data within 15 working days from receiving his instruction to do so. When deleting the profile, the rating of professionals and companies provided by the User, will not get erased. Data saved in the diary file during the usage of the Portal is saved by the system for 6 more days counted from the day of the last usage. The time of the last usage is overwritten automatically by the system when the next visit of the User happens. 
The Portal has the right to temporarily limit the activity of the User on the Portal based on the conditions detailed in the Terms & Conditions. In this case no data deletion happens.


Deletion of personal data:

The User is able to delete his personal data logging in his profile and clicking the button Delete Profile. In case of deletion, data cannot be restored.
The User can send the instruction for his data to be deleted to the email address The Service provider will delete the data within 15 working days from receiving the instruction.
2 months after the expiration of the subscription, all profiles will be automatically deleted.


Defition of data management:

Data management happens to support the usage of the service.
Data security instructions
In Hungary, personal data is stored on servers guarded 24 hours in the server room of Szolgaltato Kft (address: 1136 Budapest, Victor Hugo Str 18-22). Bank card data is not stored.


User rights in connection with personal data handling:

The Users can require information about the usage of their personal data. The Data Manager will provide information when required to the User on the data managed, on the purpose, legal basis, timing of the data management, on the name, address (headquarter) of the Data Manager, and activities in connection with the data management, and about who and why received the data. The requirement of such information has to be sent to by email which will be answered within 8 working days. The Users can request the deletion of their data as detailed under the section „Deletion of personal data”.


Legal enforcement possibilities:

The User can practice his legal enforcement possibilities in front of the Court based on the Info Law and the Civil Law Book. 
The Data Manager reserves the right to modify the conditions of the data management unilaterally but previously informing the Users. Terms & Conditions

The Service provider of the Portal is Netneo Kft, 1174 Budapest Zsemlye Elemer utca 4/2.
Data handling registration number: NAIH-64983/2013.
The term portal covers all the systems that handle the data available on the site to which among others the following belong:
  • the website and its backup system
  • the functions available after logging in the website
  • facebook appearances of
Service Provider contact:


Registered Users of the Portal:

The condition of being a registered User is accepting the present Terms & Conditions. The usage of the Portal means that the present Terms & Conditions are accepted. The registered Users can only use the Portal in their names. The Users have to provide real data during the registration and usage. One User is not allowed to use several profiles on the Portal. The community service profiles (like Facebook and Linkedin) connected to the profile, also have to be real. The Users carry out their economical activities as business organisations.


The purpose of the Portal:

To support the employers in finding the professionals and companies needed. As a consequence, the Portal can be used if searching for a Professional or a company (Employer), or as a Professional or as a company (Employee), or both.


Profile data of the Users:

The Employers can use the Portal without registration.
The Employees can use the Portal after registration. A registered Employee can find, amend or delete the data and information provided by himself on his profile site. The Employees can reach their profile site after the registration by logging in at under the menu „Profile”.


Search and quotation request function:

The Employer can search among the registered Employees based on location and activity. He can filter the list received, can print the listed Employee information, and can send them a message through the Portal. The Portal sends email notification about these messages to the email address provided in the Employee profile.


Functions of registered Professionals, companies:

The Professional or the company can manage his data and messages after logging in. Such functions are (not exclusively) My subscription (valid for which timeline), data change (managing base data), photo change, Notification setups, View or delete Profile.


Responsibility for data entered:

The Service provider and its owner, co-firms, borrowers, partners, suppliers, counsellors and agents rule out any responsibilties fully for the validity, content, completeness, legality, trustworthiness, functionality or availability of the information and materials saved on the Portal. The Service provider rules out any responsibilities fully for the behaviour of the members. The Service provider reserves the rights to amend the data saved by the User in case those do not comply with the Terms & Conditions.


Responsibility for the photos saved on the Portal:

For the photos saved the conditions in connection with other materials, plus the following apply:
the User announces by saving the photo that he himself took them, or at least has the right to publish them on the Portal
if illegal content or content which offends the Users (for example pornography) gets saved on site, or an announcement is received in connection with this, then the Service provider is entitled to delete these photos, even without any notification
the Service provider is not responsible for the legal usage of the photos saved. All responsibility lies with the User.
the Service provider has the right to use the photos saved when communicating about the website. He has no obligation to get approval for this, he does not have to pay for this.


Messages sent by the Users:

During the usage of the Portal, the User is prohibited to send messages which offend the personal rights of others. All Users are obliged to behave responsibly, and behave with respect towards other Users and members. By accepting these terms, the User agrees not to use the service to harrass, defamate, slander, or on any other ways offend the personal or other rights of other Users. The Service provider reserves the right to delete or limit the Users who offended the above conditions. 


Responsibility for damages:

The User uses the Portal only for his own risk and accepts that the Service provider takes no responsibility for the potential property or non-pecuniary damages arising during the usage. The User agrees with the usage of the Portal and the acceptance of the present Terms & Conditions that he indemnifies the Service provider against all requirements coming from third parties that are in connection with or arise from User’s Portal usage, including all kinds or nature of claims, costs that come from any requirement, lack, damage (actual and consequential), court proceedings, verdict, cost of litigation and lawyer costs.


Rights in connection with the Portal:

The User recognizes that the all rights in connection with Netneo Portal terms, logos and  emblemas or to these fonetically or visually similar emblemas or terms are the property of the Service provider. The User cannot use the here mentioned trademarks or trademarks similar to these as his own.
The Service provider reserves the right to the unilateral modification of the Terms & Conditions with previous notification of the Users.


Payment, billing:

The Portal usage is subject to charges for Professionals and companies. By accepting present Terms & Conditions, the Professional or company using the Portal accepts that he pays the Portal fees either by online bank card payment or by bank transfer, and receives an electronic invoice for it. The fees are detailed in the description of fees under the link In case you are paying by bank transfer, please make sure that you transfer the exact amount or else the chosen package cannot be activated automatically.
Cooperation in running the payment by: 

Deletion of User profile:

The User has the possibility to delete his user profile by logging in his profile with his user name and password and clicking on the Delete Profile button. All his previously entered data will be irreversibly deleted. The deletion of the User profile does not mean that the User is not obliged to pay the fees for the subscription valid before the deletion.

Modification of Terms&Conditions

Portal Netneo reserves the rights to modify the Terms&Conditions without any notice or reasoning. It is the responsibility of the User to adhere to the modification of the Terms&Conditions. Usage of the portal Netneo after the modification means acceptance of the modified Terms&Conditions.